Filtration Group (Mahle) - hydraulic filters at JL Filtersystem

If you are looking for filters from Mahle, we have them in stock. Mahle has changed its name to Filtration Group, but it is still the same filter and number.

  • The filters have always been recognised as some of the best on the market.
  • The original filters from Filtration Group guarantee you long life, precision and fast service.
  • We import and sell Filtration Group filters, hydraulic housings and breathing filters to both wholesalers and end users.
  • You are guaranteed the highest filter quality from one of the leading suppliers in Europe.

Call us on +45 30 92 96 10 or fill in the contact form on this website to find out more about our range.

Filtration Group = Highest quality

They were previously known as Mahle and have now become part of the Filtration Group. The filters and numbers are still the same. Therefore, you can easily find your Mahle filter at JL Filtersystem.

With filters from Filtration Group and JL High Quality Filter you are guaranteed superior quality and long durability.

Mahle hydraulikfilter - nu filtration group
Filtration Group - alle hydraulikfiltre fra samme producent

Filtration Group - all hydraulic filters from one supplier - CJC Filters

Filtration Group manufactures all types of hydraulic filters. Both original filters and replacement filters.

One of the replacement filters that we supply to many of our customers are CJC replacements. Filtration Group’s replacement for CJC B27/27 or B15/27 is characterised by the fact that it is not produced in the same material as the CJC. Therefore, you will experience an easier service when replacing the filters. Without compromising on quality and filtration.

Contact us at JL Filtersystem if you want to hear more about Filtration Group’s replacements for CC Jensen.

Full support from your professional sparring partner

JL Filtersystem are experts in complete hydraulic solutions and service. When you choose us, you get a professional sparring partner who advises you on which filter suits your needs.

JL Filtersystem always has a stock of filters from Filtration Group, which means short delivery times for you.

We have breathing filters both complete and insert elements, housings, spin-on elements, etc. in our stock.

JL Filtersystem er altid lagerførende med filtre fra Filtration Group

Buy high-quality filters for all applications.

Large inventory. Competitive prices.

JL Filtersystem has developed a comprehensive database with more than 235,000 types of filters and machine lists. Advanced search filters allow you to find precisely the filter that you are looking for, whether it be original filters or replacement filters. JL Filtersystem makes every effort to supply filters of the highest quality. This ensures that you get high-quality products, better performance, more durability and that your machine needs less maintenance. We have a large and broad inventory and we can deliver from one day to the next at really good prices.

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