Industrial dust filtration: High quality Donaldson and JLF filters increase productivity and provide a clean working environment.

At JL Filtersystem we work closely with Donaldson, the global leader in industrial dust filtration. For decades, Donaldson has produced and developed the most advanced and reliable filtration solutions on the market for the elimination of dust, odour, gas and smoke. As an exclusive distributor, we have access to a very extensive product range of filter types. For example, bag filters, filter cartridges, modular filters, filter media, dust containers, separators, etc. We service and cover the majority of all machine types and industries. Our competent staff is always ready to advise you on the most optimal solution for your business. Whether you are looking for original or replacement filters from JLF High Quality Filters.

  • We help increase the production efficiency of your business.
  • We provide a cleaner environment for your employees.
  • We are your guarantee for high quality filter solutions for industry.
  • We offer you a complex product programme at very competitive prices.

Advanced filter solutions for dust, particles, smoke and gas

Cartridge filters
We offer advanced technology in the form of cartridge filters and a wide range of filter media that can tackle the biggest dust challenges in all industries. For example, pharmaceutical, chemical, grain, food, metal, etc.

Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors use patented Ultra-Web® technology to provide a smaller, more efficient filter that removes unwanted contaminants such as particles, dust, odours, smoke or gases.

Bag filters
We sell a full range of reliable and robust dust collectors, including RF, Dalamatic, IRD, Unimaster, etc. Quality bag filters eliminate the risk of annoying production downtime.

Donaldson’s Cyclone dust collectors feature a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to remove large and high volumes of dust from industrial applications.

DFPRE6 Options
DFE filter change out 3-4

We optimise your filters to meet all environmental requirements.

Dust emission and dust filtration requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Many times it only takes a minor adjustment of your filters to fulfil the requirements. JL Filtersystem advises you and helps you find the optimal filter solution for your dust system. We ensure that operation is at least maintained and in many cases optimised. Plus that the environmental requirements are met.

Whether you use filter bags, filter cartridges, flat, oval, round, conical, etc. we are ready to help you find the original at the right price or an equivalent high quality replacement filter.

We hep you with your dust filtration

We can supply for all applications and we use only the best and most innovative manufacturers in dust filtration such as Donaldson, Nordic Air Filtration, Filtration Group and many more. We supply filters for all applications and dust systems. For example:

  • Plasma smoke
  • Welding fumes
  • Chalk
  • Cement
  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Industrial powder coating
  • Paper industry
  • … and many more

Our large stock is your safety

We at JL Filtersystem recognise that a high level of delivery service and reliability is crucial to your business. In close cooperation with Donaldson, we have built up a large warehouse in Karlslunde. We can therefore service and deliver to our customers immediately. This means that we always have the right filters in stock to keep your machine/application running smoothly. Either Donaldson’s original filter or an equivalent quality from JLF High Quality Filters.

Get help and professional counselling

Many industrial companies believe that there is only one “original filter” for dust filtration in their facility. At JL Filtersystem we are experts in finding the right filter for any dust system.

We have helped many customers improve and optimise their filter systems so that today they have a better economy thanks to longer filter life, less resistance and thus savings on the fan and less emissions.

Call us on +45 30 92 96 10 or use the contact form. At JL Filtersystem you can always be sure to find the right filter.

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