ARGO HYTOS filters and hydraulic valves

JL Filtersystem is your professional importer and supplier of top quality ARGO HYTOS filters and hydraulic valves.

  • The filters and valves are some of the best on the market.
  • Original filters and valves guarantee you long life, precision and fast service.
  • We import and sell ARGO HYTOS filters and hydraulic valves to both wholesalers and end users.
  • You are guaranteed the best filter quality from leading suppliers in Europe and USA.

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ARGO HYTOS - when you don't want to risk compromising on filter quality

Cheap filters have fewer layers, which means they often have a shorter lifespan than quality filters, and you have to allocate resources to replace the cheap filters more often.

With ARGO HYTOS filters, you never play with operational stability and you are sure to get a product of the right quality.

The filters are of extra high quality. They have up to 7 layers of different filter media, making them some of the most robust on the market and extending their lifespan.

ARGO HYTOS Hydraulic filter houses

Just like the filters, the ARGO HYTOS housings are of very high quality, they are often used as original filters in many applications, so it will probably be familiar to you. At JL Filtersystem we are happy to have the distribution of ARGO HYTOS, it guarantees our customers that they get a high quality product that fulfils the high demands of modern applications, thus we can help our customers to keep the warranty on their applications.

Breathing filters from ARGO HYTOS

ARGO HYTOS has some of the best vapour filters on the market, they repel moisture that can do great damage to your hydraulic tank, resulting in downtime, the vapour filters from ARGO HYTOS filter the air with a patented medium and provide a very clean air for your hydraulic oil.

Your breathing filter is probably the most important filter on your application, without a clean and good breathing filter your application will not be able to function optimally, with breathing filters from ARGO HYTOS you are guaranteed a quality filter. With a non-serviced breathing filter, there is a great risk that your oil will be exposed to contamination, either in the form of particles or in the form of moisture. Particles can cause major damage to your cylinders, seals and other moving parts in your hydraulic system, moisture can destroy your oil and immediately reduce lubricity and will over time cause unnecessary breakdowns, downtime and high costs.

Buy high-quality filters for all applications.

Large inventory. Competitive prices.

JL Filtersystem has developed a comprehensive database with more than 235,000 types of filters and machine lists. Advanced search filters allow you to find precisely the filter that you are looking for, whether it be original filters or replacement filters. JL Filtersystem makes every effort to supply filters of the highest quality. This ensures that you get high-quality products, better performance, more durability and that your machine needs less maintenance. We have a large and broad inventory and we can deliver from one day to the next at really good prices.

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